Where can I create a resume and look for a job?

Where can I post a job and search for workers?

Where can I get assistance with Alabama JobLink?

How can I find an Alabama Career Center?

How do I reset my password for Alabama JobLink (AJL)?

Where do I go to look for a job?

What is my Alabama JobLink (AJL) job seeker username?

  • Contact the nearest Alabama Career Center; or email your name, your date of birth and the last 4 numbers of your social security number to JobLink@JobLink.Alabama.gov to receive the login instructions to your account.

Can I have jobs emailed to me?

  • To receive emails notifying you of new jobs:
    1.  Log into your AJL account.
    2. Click MY RESUME.
    3. Click EMAIL. Select whether or not to have jobs that match each objective classification emailed to you. You must have a valid email address on your CONTACT INFO to use EMAIL.

How do I apply for a job I found on Alabama JobLink (AJL)?

  • Login to your AJL account and follow the instructions on the job listing under HOW TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION.

How do I remove my resume from Alabama JobLink (AJL) after I have found a job?

  • To remove your resume(s):
    1. Login to your account.
    2. Click on MY RESUME.
    3. Click on OBJECTIVES.
    4. Click on the first objective title.
    5. Scroll down and click DELETE OBJECTIVE.
    6. Repeat until all objectives are gone.

Can I upload my resume to Alabama JobLink (AJL)? 

  • Your AJL online resume is a modular document, not one page.  AJL builds your resume from the information in contact info, objectives, work history, education, talents, preferences and additional modules under MY RESUME. Log into your AJL account and modify the information in the above links as desired to make your resume appear as you want it appear to an employer.  Click on MY RESUME, then PRINT PREVIEW to view how an employer sees your resume.

Where do I go to find workers?

What do I need to create a self-service employer account?

  • Your company's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and Alabama Unemployment Insurance account number.

What is my Alabama JobLink (AJL) self-service employer account username? 

  • Email your company name and Federal Employer ID number to JobLink@JobLink.Alabama.gov to receive the login instructions to your account.