Fraud in the Unemployment Program

Examples of Unemployment Compensation Fraud

Not reporting all compensation for work performed while unemployment compensation is being paid to you is FRAUD.

Receiving unemployment compensation when you are not available for work because of extended hospitalization, incarceration or travel is FRAUD.

Working a job in another state while receiving Alabama Unemployment Compensation is FRAUD.

What you as a concerned citizen can do.

Report possible fraudulent claims by one of the options listed below.

Please identify yourself.  Your identity will be held in strict confidence and follow-up may be needed that will help complete an investigation.

Methods of reporting Fraud:

  1. Report UC Fraud, complete and submit as indicated below.
  2. Print this Information sheet* and use it as a guide to the details we will need from you as a witness.  Examples:
    1. Name of suspect
    2. Address
    3. Employer
    4. Social Security Number
    5. Date of Birth
    6. Reasons you suspect Fraud
  3. You may fax the completed Information Sheet to the Benefit Payment Control, (334) 242-0967, for Unemployment Compensation Fraud
  4. Call the Unemployment Compensation Fraud Hotline, 1-800-392-8019
  5. E-mail  additional attachments for Unemployment Compensation Fraud.
  6. If you suspect Workers' Compensation Fraud, contact the Attorney Generals office.

Print, Complete and Mail the Information Sheet (pdf) to:

Alabama Department of Labor
Attn: BPC Section Room 3675
649 Monroe Street
Montgomery, AL 36131


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